Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is kinda sad actually

British twins who had been separated at birth learned they were related only after they had become husband and wife, a senior British lawmaker said. The marriage has been annulled.
Go read the full article. I actually think this is kinda sad, because they probably had such a strong connection and were psyched to be married. and then boom! they aren't allowed to be together. Plus they were probably deeply creeped out! I wonder if they just wish they never found out. They'd be curious as to why they're grandchildren were coming out so deformed though...

Unknowing twins marry each other


ashley said...

Dude I read about this and was telling my friend about it over the weekend. It's so nuts! The craziest part is that when they met they felt naturally drawn to each other. What does that say about attraction?

allie said...

people are attracted to themselves! love it!

maybe this means me and natalie portman are destined to be together hahaha