Friday, January 4, 2008

but the truly best part of today


fuck yeah he kicked ass in iowa

and he's gonna do the same thing all the way to november. i know i've been a dork about politics my whole life, but seriously i've never been so excited about an election year. this man can make the people move. so what that he doesn't have a lot of washington dc experience under his belt..... i'm finished with the same game with the old rules. i'm also finished trapping myself in hopes of a utopia that will never come, i'm ready to face reality, we will never rid the world of corporations but at least in an obama world we can have big business and fair labor laws! i'm telling you man, get behind him. he can really do something for our generation and the ones that follow, with him as our leader i don't think our future will be nearly as bleak. maybe i will have kids after all.


allie said...

you're gonna have like 8 kids i know it. i'm gonna buy you a child for each birthday of yours until you're 50.

Recording said...

hello world