Sunday, January 27, 2008


~ dobro 1929 --->"first year they were made" jordan claims that he suffers from "guitar acquisition syndrome. it means i can't stop acquiring guitars. i've had it about a year"

~ fender custom shop nocaster 1951 "the things that excite me don't excite you"

~dell' arte selmer 503 copy prototype "they're the best. smell of a really nice acoustic guitar. a new hand made...oh my god"

~fender jaguar 1962 -->"first year they made 'em" "the head stock was chewed on by a toothing puppy"

~ fender jazzmaster "it's the work horse, so i could gig with something that wasn't worth a million dollars." "the cool thing about that guitar is that it has a 1960 pickguard"

~paul reed smith archtop mccarty 2 1999 "it was only made for two years."

~ gibson les paul 1982 "it was used on bob dylan's 'blood on the tracks'......i not 'blood on the tracks'. what the hell was that? (searches google) oh 'down in the groove'"

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