Monday, January 21, 2008

Cloverfield. See it or i'll eat your face!

I spent most of friday, unexcited for this movie, which I was actually glad about. Because when your expectations are low, there is so much more room for being completely blown away!

At first, like people have said, this movie is real hard to watch. Definitely a bit nauseating, I had to look away every so often-but you get used to it. The whole experience is intense. The last movie I saw that was this exciting, frightening, and heart-pounding was probably All Dogs Go to Heaven-But that's because i was 8, and I found that movie seriously disturbing. On many levels. Don't get me started or I'll cry.

But seriously folks. Cloverfield. Do it. My hands were clenched, my jaw was dropped and my mouth was saying "omg". It makes me excited for movies. Because they really stuck to the idea, that this is what an honest account of some randomly chosen people would have gone through in such a situation. Plus i went into it thinking "how can they possibly create any scary monsters these days? We've seen everything!" But i spoke too soon. This monster is seriously terrifying. I'd really like to know the process behind creating a monster like this, where the inspiration comes from, what kind of markers were used in the initial renderings (i lied. i'm not really interested in that second thing, actually).
But anyway. Don't expect questions to be answered at any point of the movie. But do expect to be frighteningly delighted! A+

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