Thursday, January 31, 2008

Duck Tales: ooOOoo

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i believe in obama

Congrats to you my friend on registering to vote just in time for super tuesday (feb. 5th the big day sucka!!) I'm so proud

I went to the polls at lunch cuz florida bumped up their voting day. The sucky thing is that the democratic party refuses to acknowledge our vote in protest for the bumped up vote day, so even though i voted for the sexy senator from chicago it won't do him too many favors. My hope is that even if he doesn't gain any delegates from florida, at least he'll see there are people down here who would put him in office.

Man i can't wait till these primaries are over with so that i can start campaigning for a new president!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


~ dobro 1929 --->"first year they were made" jordan claims that he suffers from "guitar acquisition syndrome. it means i can't stop acquiring guitars. i've had it about a year"

~ fender custom shop nocaster 1951 "the things that excite me don't excite you"

~dell' arte selmer 503 copy prototype "they're the best. smell of a really nice acoustic guitar. a new hand made...oh my god"

~fender jaguar 1962 -->"first year they made 'em" "the head stock was chewed on by a toothing puppy"

~ fender jazzmaster "it's the work horse, so i could gig with something that wasn't worth a million dollars." "the cool thing about that guitar is that it has a 1960 pickguard"

~paul reed smith archtop mccarty 2 1999 "it was only made for two years."

~ gibson les paul 1982 "it was used on bob dylan's 'blood on the tracks'......i not 'blood on the tracks'. what the hell was that? (searches google) oh 'down in the groove'"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

oh babies

i've been wrong all these wonder my babies don't last longer then a few months

Primate Prostitution,8599,1700821,00.html?cnn=yes

Apparently, one species of monkeys actually pays for sex! And no, they don't pay in bananas. Males of the species apparently would groom the female as a sort of pre-payment plan, and then afterwards the females' sexual activity would actually double (from monkey-boning about 1.5 times an hour to about 3.5 times an hour!) holy raunchy bananas!

10 creepiest old ads

some of the ads on this top 10 are totally creepy! for real.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hott in Herre

I find this video just a bag full of joy. I wanna eat it out of a cone with sprinkles on top. She makes the song sound actually adorable. I highly recommend looking into Jenny Owen Youngs' original music too. She's cute and twangy and heartfelt. I like it. I just downloaded her album Batten The Hatches which i enjoy the title of, because of that phrase's use in our house.
(awww i miss our doggies!)
Anyway. Good tunes. dig it.

Dumplings with my Dumplin'

Ahhh finally a post about our Chinese dinner extravaganza! A few weeks ago, Scott and I took a trip to the asian supermarket- which was a cool place, with lots of gross stuff (pig uterus anyone?), and it smelled pretty nasty. We then used this recipe from Use Real Butter
to make delicious dumplings. We definitely used pre-made dumpling wrappers, which worked well, but are a bit hard to seal-we dabbed some water on the edges to make sure they held shut. Its really important to make them stick closed or the yummy filling will pour out when you cook 'em. We also modified the filling a bit, adding diced bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. You can pretty much throw whatever you want inside a dumpling, as long as you have some sense of what goes with what. We first steamed them for a few minutes, and then just browned them in a skillet to give them a bit of a crunch. They turned out great!!

To accompany our yummy dumplings, Scott made his momma's chinese chicken and cucumber salad. He also had some awesome purple rice. Overall a fantastic meal. And a much lighter take on chinese food than the greasy takeout we ate last night at 10pm! hahaha

Why are we letting idiots walk this planet?

So i'm sure you heard that Heath Ledger died yesterday afternoon. Its truly creepy and sad and tragic. What's worse, though, is that this Baptist Church is seriously planning on picketing his funeral just because he promoted homosexuality in a film. I know that people's awful beliefs like this are deep-rooted in their tradition and upbringing, but i still think there's gotta be some sort of mental blockage that they honestly think this is moral and just. Its the most offensive thing i've heard. And even if it wasn't just for a movie, and he was gay in real life, that still wouldn't justify protesting at someone's funeral. Seriously, makes me sick.
Feel free to go to the church's website,
i can't believe thats even a registered url.


jordan has been teaching himself gypsy jazz, an awesome genre. if you're ever feeling parisian i recommend checking out Django Reinhardt.  he was a killer guitarist who hung around paris during the 30s.  anyway that's what he's playing in this picto-movie thingy here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I want this person to make my lunch everyday

  So I can't say that I know what this site is about.  But after a series of clicking from link to link to link I came across this Japanese site, where someone has been making awesome art out food.  This makes me think, at some point you and I should have some sort of food-design cook off.  Maybe the next sunday we both have free.  The challenge is to create food art!  whatdya think?

This is what I want

For modern design I really dig this, though i can't say I'm 100% on those colors. Check out the site:

I think i want this poster

Indian Thriller!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Dad's a Winner!

My Dad's a Winner!

also check out his new website!

Library of Congress+ Flickr = neato

The library of congress now has a flickr library of cool and historic photos! woweezowee.
Library of Congress' Photos

Great Showdowns

click the pic

Cloverfield. See it or i'll eat your face!

I spent most of friday, unexcited for this movie, which I was actually glad about. Because when your expectations are low, there is so much more room for being completely blown away!

At first, like people have said, this movie is real hard to watch. Definitely a bit nauseating, I had to look away every so often-but you get used to it. The whole experience is intense. The last movie I saw that was this exciting, frightening, and heart-pounding was probably All Dogs Go to Heaven-But that's because i was 8, and I found that movie seriously disturbing. On many levels. Don't get me started or I'll cry.

But seriously folks. Cloverfield. Do it. My hands were clenched, my jaw was dropped and my mouth was saying "omg". It makes me excited for movies. Because they really stuck to the idea, that this is what an honest account of some randomly chosen people would have gone through in such a situation. Plus i went into it thinking "how can they possibly create any scary monsters these days? We've seen everything!" But i spoke too soon. This monster is seriously terrifying. I'd really like to know the process behind creating a monster like this, where the inspiration comes from, what kind of markers were used in the initial renderings (i lied. i'm not really interested in that second thing, actually).
But anyway. Don't expect questions to be answered at any point of the movie. But do expect to be frighteningly delighted! A+

Ninja Parade

I wish ninjas would sneak up behind me and hide candy in my pockets! Or hamburgers!

Friday, January 18, 2008

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to post this video because it is such a staple from my childhood!!!! I can't believe i found this. Ok so when ben and I were little we had this Disney video that was a compilation of rock songs with cartoon montages put to them and this was my favorite one, I haven't seen it in a thousand years and now here it is:

Have you come to arrange a holiday, or would you like a blow job?

I know it's long, but this is so impressive! Eric Idle kicks ass!! I love it! yeah Monty Python!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little Birds!

cut, fold, and make your own little birds! yippeeskippee!


i love this blog. the title alone just tickles my tummy.
Monkeys in the News

I'm sure you'll hate this ash. but i certainly do not.
Today's post is about a monkey at a zoo in China who has become addicted to cigarettes. He apparently began picking up cigarette butts from the ground and now the zookeepers are trying to get him to quit! The monkey's name is Philly, so that's also cool.

So, what i wanna know is, when are monkeys going to officially become equal to humans? I'm (not) looking forward to it!

lets play with our meat! (and fake-meat)

This website also has a whole lot of other stupid shit. like candy cigarettes and yodeling plastic pickles. i don't suggest you ever buy me a gift from there.

The Battle of Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD. who knew there was so much history behind this dilemma?

Missing Cats and Internet Romance

Seriously? why do independant films get to do whatever they want? Will i see this movie? probably now. i'm hoping this dude finds his cat. for the sake of happy endings. I'd like to see this movie as an episode of CSI. What does entertain me though, are the random shots throughout the trailer. shotgunning a beer, covering a toilet seat obsessively with toilet paper. thats cinema gold right there!
But the music is so powerful, isn't it? I bet tons of people will go see this movie because it looks quirky or random or whatever. It makes me feel like its gonna be just as bad as Me and You and Everyone We Know. Which would've 100% sucked if it weren't for this scene. I think this kid should win an award. lots of awards.

lets laugh at others' misfortune!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Does this image at all remind you of the two of us?

only difference is, 5 minutes later, i'd deny all association with the wrong-doing so as to maintain my reputation as being the prefect child. and then i'd cry when my mom took my television away.