Thursday, January 17, 2008

Missing Cats and Internet Romance

Seriously? why do independant films get to do whatever they want? Will i see this movie? probably now. i'm hoping this dude finds his cat. for the sake of happy endings. I'd like to see this movie as an episode of CSI. What does entertain me though, are the random shots throughout the trailer. shotgunning a beer, covering a toilet seat obsessively with toilet paper. thats cinema gold right there!
But the music is so powerful, isn't it? I bet tons of people will go see this movie because it looks quirky or random or whatever. It makes me feel like its gonna be just as bad as Me and You and Everyone We Know. Which would've 100% sucked if it weren't for this scene. I think this kid should win an award. lots of awards.

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ashley said...

I love this movie