Sunday, January 13, 2008

stick this in your mouth and eat it

Me and Scott made these effin amazing cupcakes! Do it! My only comment is for the cupcakes we put only 1 1/2 cups of sugar because some of the reviews of the recipe said they were a bit too sweet. for both cupcakes and frosting, i added a smidgen more vanilla. we topped them with coconut flakes (the one slight mistake was icing them all first and then topping with coconut because the icing already started to stiffen and the coconut didn't stick too well). The frosting is a bit runny too, when you first spread it on-but in the end was awesome because it stiffens up all smooth and shiny so the cupcakes look way profesh. We made this for a going-away/engagement party thing thats why they're super white and prettytown.



Tomorrow we're making Chinese food! Yay! Maybe I'll have a delicious dumpling recipe to post.

and in the spirit of recent posts. tonight we watched superbad and it was the third time i've seen it, and funnier than ever!

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Scott said...

The muffi.... cupcakes were incredible, i really wish you kept a secret stash, cause i could really use one now! and! I'm soo glad i finally caught Superbad cause i honestly don't think i've ever laughed so hard the first time i've ever seen a movie... even considering anchorman. I can't wait to see it again cause i know it'll just get better the next time.

Yay for chinesefoooo! it's gonna be yumby