Saturday, June 19, 2010

Website Complete!

It was true, I couldn't go another day without a website. And in dedication to my dearest Allie, who has encouraged me to build one for so long now, I would like to premiere it here on the Birdfeeder. is now up and running! I used wix, although I'm hoping that it's just a place holder until I can build my own. It functions as an online portfolio, some of my video work, but mostly my photos. Thoughts and suggestions always welcome. Be nice, I'm a newbie.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Cards

I made this illustration for my friends Greg and Megan's wedding a few weeks ago. Just a simple representation of them, with the added stroke of genius of Robocop. For anyone that doesn't know Greg, I'm pretty sure Robocop ranks pretty high (maybe even #2, after his new wife) on his list of life's important things.

This is an illustration I made for my best friend Beth's birthday card. Its supposed to be me and her in college. Her, in a striped "skirt" that I made pretty much hand-sewn from scraps of fabric, and drinking, of course, PBR. I'm on the right, wearing the denim skirt I lived in on any given saturday night, and a grey hoodie that I wore to shreds (which only made me love it more). My drink of choice: vodka + tonic.
If you're wondering why it says "Barf + Bird," (at the risk of sounding pretty lame) those were tags we came up with one year for ourselves, that we promptly sharpied all over things in our basement apartment. Yeah, we were damn cool. And still are!