Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cruise is CRAZY

dude this is nuts go to http://www.wwtdd.com/ (what would tyler durden do) and check out the fucking insane video of tom cruise talking about scientology. They took it off youtube so I couldn't post it here. But oh geez man.. SPs? what are those. And how are scientologists saving the world and making it better? I don't get it. In fact he doesn't even really SAY anything he just keeps saying "that's why i do IT" and "I want to frolic and have fun. but i can't because i know things"????

there is also this one part near the end where he says something like "you're either participating and you're in the ring or you're a spectator and you shouldn't even be in the arena" which after all the other creepiness in the video made it seem like he was suggesting that those who are NOT scientologist should be dead.

Also, What exactly is tom cruise doing that gives him the right to say that he knows "he's the only one that can really help?" There is some serious dark shit going on behind the scenes of this cult... in fact I'm gonna do a piece on this blog about it after a little google-research. Any watch the video!

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