Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dumplings with my Dumplin'

Ahhh finally a post about our Chinese dinner extravaganza! A few weeks ago, Scott and I took a trip to the asian supermarket- which was a cool place, with lots of gross stuff (pig uterus anyone?), and it smelled pretty nasty. We then used this recipe from Use Real Butter
to make delicious dumplings. We definitely used pre-made dumpling wrappers, which worked well, but are a bit hard to seal-we dabbed some water on the edges to make sure they held shut. Its really important to make them stick closed or the yummy filling will pour out when you cook 'em. We also modified the filling a bit, adding diced bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. You can pretty much throw whatever you want inside a dumpling, as long as you have some sense of what goes with what. We first steamed them for a few minutes, and then just browned them in a skillet to give them a bit of a crunch. They turned out great!!

To accompany our yummy dumplings, Scott made his momma's chinese chicken and cucumber salad. He also had some awesome purple rice. Overall a fantastic meal. And a much lighter take on chinese food than the greasy takeout we ate last night at 10pm! hahaha

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