Friday, May 21, 2010

Motivation Proclaimations

For some time now, in the back of my mind, crammed between my wit and hunger synapses, the words "mind over muffin" have echoed faintly. A simple diet mantra, reminding myself to think "do i really need the muffin (or cupcake, or nachos, or cheese), and all its carb-y goodness/badness? or are my eyes bigger than my stomach?" Ranting briefly with Steph a few weeks ago about all the unholy food temptations we try to avoid in order to be summer wardrobe-ready, I mentioned my muffin mantra and we realized i need to create a series of motivational diet graphics. And so, here are my first 3. Now, lets see if I'm motivated enough to come up with some more! Now that my beloved tv season has come to its yearly summer break, perhaps I will have some time, and space in my brain for things other than hot doctors and feuding housewives.


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