Monday, February 22, 2010

Sink Yer Fangs Into This

A little free advertising (on the small scale of my little blog here) for my friends Fang Island! I went to school with some of these guys, and i finally downloaded their new album, which needless to say, rocks. I remember sitting in a friend's house back maybe around sophomore year when they first played me some of the songs they'd started recording for their (at the time, brand new) band, and from the get-go i thought the sound was awesome, so unique and full of spirit. its a crime i haven't gone to see them live since about 3 years ago!
Their song, Daisy was just featured in the commercial for a new MTV show called The Buried Life. Its great whether you need a boost at the gym or staring at your computer for an 8 hour work day. Give it a listen and then go download their album (name your own price)!

<a href="">Daisy by Fang Island</a>

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