Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"the more cheese, the better"

Wise words from Paula Dean.
Ahh there's nothing like sitting at home in pajamas on a rainy day, blogging and watching the Food Network.

We don't post enough anymore on here, and hey...why the hell not? I have no job now so what's my excuse? So here I go.

This weekend I ran off to Pittsburgh with Scott. Ahh how I love getting out of town. It really did feel like a vacation, and I forgot all about Philly and my case of unemploymentitis. We strolled around the Strip District, which has lots of delicious food stores with lots of allie-friendly free samples of cheese, dips, fudge etc...
And then Sunday we relaxed at Scott's friend's house for a baby birthday party...lots more free food and mimosas all afternoon. I love suburban life sometimes!
I was also treated to amazing and expensive fine dining all weekend, which was fantastic...I mean I know I'm kind of a charity case these days, so I can't really say no to free meals, but when bills come out to over $200 for 3 people, it's a little strange feeling. So, of course, owing Scott in a major way, I treated him to McDonald's on our drive home on monday!

lookin' good on mt. washington...overlooking the city

we stopped at fallingwater on the way home...i've been wanting to visit this amazing house
since i was probably 13 years old...daddy would be proud!

Needless to say, I'm having major weekend withdrawal. But I suppose I can't avoid reality forever...

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