Monday, June 2, 2008

terrifying i think

I just finished watching Jesus Camp. Man, this movie is terrifying. Its insane how these children have devoted their lives to Jesus, and i really fear ever running into someone like this. These people are pretty much assholes "warriors for the lord" or whatnot-i mean, they're just assholes. This one little girl said she always dreamed of being a manicurist, because she thinks that's the best opportunity for a person to be accepting of the lord. wtf?
Another gem of a scene, the sermon about how Harry Potter is evil, and in biblical times would have been put to death. Boy oh boy-its frightening. A room full of sobbing shaking children-if i didn't have the sound on I would've been apalled-what are these people doing to make these kids cry? It's gotta be wrong...I'm pretty sure Jesus never was recorded as being such an asshole crazy person. idk, i kind of like imagining him just chillin on a hill, talking to whoever would listen. oh and he looks like Willem DeFoe...

Religion is scary. Children are scary. This is the scariest horror movie I've ever seen! haha

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Matt Katz said...

i still have nightmares about this flick. didya know that the preacher in this movie got busted last summer for shooting H and banging a gay hooker? hypocrisy.