Friday, February 8, 2008

break it! shoot it!

i just stumbled upon these super sweet photographs taken by a German photographer Martin Klimas.

this is his website:

but ps. what so you think of this posts title "break it! shoot it!" as an album title? the jeanmarie are in need of a name for their new release. Any thoughts?


allie said...

i vote yes! but you should have a giant brainstorm session cuz there could be something cooler you never know. am i still doing the album art? i'm kinda anxious to draw a shark popping out of something for the album....any thoughts on that?

ashley said...

YEAH DUDE!!! so funny you said that because the other day the guys were at our house recording and they were talking about t-shirt art, and they couldn't agree on stuff. Curtis picked up the shark-out-of-a-box painting and said "why don't we just use this?" I was like "HELL YEAH!"

so there's that. I'll see if i can get a read from anyone about that though.